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Harley-Davidson Authorized Service Department

Harley-Davidson Authorized Service Department
You get more than you may expect with Harley-Davidson Authorized Service!
Our Regular Service always includes a thorough performance and safety inspection along with so much more. Why risk anything less? Take your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the experts who know it best -- your Authorized Harley-Davidson dealership! Don't get short changed -- It's more than an oil change!

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Our Full 24-Point Inspection   

 1. Replace engine oil, filter, and drain plug O-ring. Torque drain plug to proper specification. Ensure proper oil level at operating temperature.

 2. Check operation of all electrical equipment, lighting, and controls.
 3. Inspect front and rear tire tread depth and air pressure. Check tightness of all spokes (if equipped)

 4. Inspect fluid level of front brake and clutch reservoirs. Check torque of cover screws.
 5. Check torque of switch housing screws, clutch lever handlebar clamp screws, and master cylinder handlebar screws.

 6. Check engine coolant freeze point and inspect for leaks. Clean radiators.
 7. Drain and replace primary chaincase lubricant and drain plug O-ring.

 8. Drain and replace transmission lubricant and drain plug O-ring
 9. Check torque of right front engine mount end cap screws and engine mount to front crankcase screws.

 10. Inspect oil, brake, and fuel lines and fittings for leaks, contact, or abrasions.
 11. Inspect rear brake reservoir for proper level. Check torque of cover screws.

 12. Inspect front brake pads and discs. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.
 13. Inspect rear brake pads and disc. Ensure pad thickness is within specification.

 14. Check torque of front and rear axle nut.
 15. Inspect and lubricate jiffy stand.

 16. Lubricate clutch cable. Ensure proper cable adjustment and hand lever free play.
 17. Check, adjust, and lubricate brake and clutch controls.

 18. Inspect and adjust drive belt. Inspect wheel sprocket.
 19. Check rear air suspension pressure, operation, and leakage.

 20. Inspect exhaust system for leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or exhaust shields.
 21. Check battery. Clean connections and torque terminal screws.

22. Lubricate the fuel door, hinge, and latch.
23. Check for open recalls, product campaigns, trouble codes, and engine management system updates.

 24. Road test -- verify component and system functions.


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