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ESP vs. PSP: We’ve Got You Covered

What is ESP & PSP?

ESP is offered through Harley-Davidson Financial Services and is not dealer-specific. ESP is includes mechanical breakdown coverage that covers virtually all major parts and systems on your bike. ESP offers coverage for over 1,100 parts (see the H-D ESP contract for specific coverage, exclusions & restrictions, which are subject to change). ESP also offers a future contract guarantee that allows you to extend your contract coverage for up to 5 additional?

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Bigger & Badder Series - Performance Upgrades for Your Harley-Davidson

Pros & Cons of Performance Upgrades


Power gains increase with increase in Stages (I-IV). Stage I provides minimal power gains while Stage IV provides upwards of 50% more power (65hp stock 96ci to 115hp with 103 Stage IV upgrade). Your fuel mileage will stay relatively close to stock, although being tempted to apply heavy throttle can lead to drastically reduced fuel mileage. Tire consumption will also increase... but burnouts make you feel good, so?

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Bigger & Badder Series - Performance Upgrades for Your Harley-Davidson

Bigger & Badder Series: Performance Upgrades for Your Harley-Davidson

Power 101: Internal Combustion, Engine Displacement, Exhaust & Tuning


The V-Twin engine in your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is powered by internal combustion. It?s when air and fuel (gasoline) combine in the carburetor or throttle body. The gasoline funnels into the cylinders through the intake manifold and a spark ignites the air & fuel mixture as the piston approaches top dead center (TDC).  The combustion pushes the piston?

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Patriot Flag Rolls into Alexandria on Harley

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) -- The "patriot flag" arrived in Alexandria Saturday afternoon at Renegade Harley Davidson.

An American flag travels on the back of motorcycles all throughout the country from Memorial Day to Labor Day to honor the troops.

On Saturday, the flag traveled from a store in Lafayette and stopped at the Harley Davidson store in Alexandria. 

Bikers say they feel a sense of pride when the flag rolls in. And, nothing says "American pride" quite like a Harley.

"It's a great sense of pride," said Jerry Webb, a former president of the Renegade Hog chapter…

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Louisiana motorcyclists salute veterans in the Patriot Ride

Joe Parks answered the call Saturday to help veterans when he joined more than 180 motorcyclists to accompany Old Glory to Lafayette, part of a nationwide tour honoring veterans and bringing awareness to the financial struggles of returning soldiers.

His good friend, Mike Johnson, was with Parks for the fifth annual Passing the Flag event during the Baton Rouge stop of the national nonprofit Nation of Patriots' signature event, the Patriot Tour.

Money raised through the event is used to help veterans and their families.

Parks, 70, of Baton Rouge, didn't have an opportunity to serve in the military…

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H-D World Ride 2014 Racks up 10.5 Million Miles

Seeking freedom and adventure, thousands of globe-trotting motorcycle riders ditched the daily grind and hit the road during the Harley-Davidson World Ride on June 22-23. Together they logged 10,566,064 miles, or 17,004,389 kilometers, over the course of the two-day ride. 

After completing their rides, participants logged their mileage directly onto the World Ride web site and shared riding stories and photographs on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HDWorldRide. Participants could also download a certificate of participation after entering their mileage on the web site. 

"Riders left the rat race behind for…
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